Food and pharmacy

Answer the growing pressure on service quality and meeting the delivery deadlines. Anticipate and control fluctuations in production loads and stock levels. Increase response speed to unexpected production events and protect your margins. With DELMIA Ortems solution, you will effectively solve today's complex situations in production planning and be much better able to face the challenges and specific decisions within this area.


Streamline your projects for the development and construction of power plants. Dassault Systemes’ solutions for the energy sector eliminate unproductive time when working with data and improve collaboration and information sharing.

Mechanical Engineering

Support the manufacture of machines and machinery with a solution from Dassault Systemes which manages production projects and enables you to support the design, development, production and maintenance of machinery and equipment efficiently, quickly and from anywhere.

Electronics and electrical engineering

Gain control over changes in your product structure with a comprehensive BOM management solution, increased process quality, fast and efficient processing of changes and their introduction into manufacturing.


With PLM solutions for car industry suppliers, you get an overview of all product documentation, shorten design time, make any changes more easily, generate BOMs faster, allow more people to work on the job at the same time and eliminate mistakes.


With the Dassault Systèmes solution for the aviation industry, you will accelerate the development and manufacture of your products. You will gain access to one version of the data across the team and allow all project participants to collaborate and work concurrently.