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Technical support


One of the core activities of our company is technical support and services related to the Dassault Systèmes software solution. We are a reliable and long-term partner in this area for our customers.

We offer not only support and counseling, but also help with the development of knowledge and implementation for CATIA, ENOVIA and DELMIA software.

While doing so, we rely on highly qualified and experienced professionals who have been tested through many successful projects.



By acquiring a product from the Dassault Systèmes portfolio (CATIA, ENOVIA, DELMIA or SIMULIA), the company automatically becomes a VAR (Value Added Reseller) customer, and the annual charge ensures a basic level of support.

For higher support levels, a customer can then choose one of the following levels: SBP, SLA, or PAY. These are paid services, with price list provided on request.



  • Training
  • Creation of macros and development customized applications
  • Technician’s service intervention, either locally or remotely
  • Repeated system installation and administration
  • Analyzes of company processes
  • Implementation of PLM systems
  • Creation of methodological procedure


DYTRON Support System (DSS)

DSS is company standard web interface tool, which represents optimal choice for managing and governing our technical support towards customers and also allows a high efficiency tracking system for bugs or issues our customers may encounter.

Key features of DSS:

  • Effective bug and issues tracking
  • Document and data management
  • Automatic e-mailing and notifications for updates and activities

Values of DSS for our customers:

  • Centralization of Support
  • High efficiency in managing support
  • Quicker response times
  • Ease of use
  • High quality monitoring of status and activities

More information at

For registering your company or any of your employees in DSS, contact please our responsible person below.


We use mainly TeamViewer for remote technical support. Please use a link below:



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Our customers' opinions

Radek Valasek

Development Group Leader, BRANO a.s.

“The main benefit regarding construction was that we now have 100% order in the data. Previously, some designers stored data on their local drive, then another designer came in, needed to work on the data and took an older version. This stopped when we switched to ENOVIA. We have all the data in PLM, so the designer is always working with the latest data version or can see that someone else is working on it.

From a project management perspective, the greatest benefit is complete data management. Documents can be versioned, and we can see their history – who changed them, how and when. We have task management, so I can see if the task is "stuck" with someone or it’s going the way it’s supposed to. Thanks to ENOVIA we save 15-20% of time on a project, which is noticeable.”

Provided solution: ENOVIA, PLM platform 3DEXPERIENCE

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Marcel Murar

Johnson Controls Development and Research Center Manager

“We required the new system to easily combine all data in one place. We also needed it to allow the specific set-up of internal processes such as ISS, LTB, etc. Considering the design, it was crucial for us to bring the new system closer to the original processes. All these requirements have been met by ENOVIA.”

Provided solution: ENOVIA, PLM platform 3DEXPERIENCE

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Pavel Vydra

Technical Director, Managing Director of MODELARNA LIAZ

“Because ENOVIA has enabled us to manage data, or more precisely, all information through any number of links, this has meant that we always have the right information on hand, and thanks to the possibility of web access, we’re able to access this information anywhere at any time.

In our extreme job production (1,600 orders a year), ENOVIA has driven us forward in our important continuous improvement process by enabling us to collect feedback efficiently at many levels of the project implementation process, and to evaluate this information as an essential resource for improving quality and thus efficiency in future.”

Provided solution: ENOVIA, PLM platform 3DEXPERIENCE

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Radek Kreml

Varroc Lighting Systems, s. r. o.

“Collaboration with DYTRON s.r.o. on developing CAD methodology has helped us to map and better understand the design procedures in the creation of the CAD model, and subsequently to optimize and standardize them.

The knowledge and deployment of the DYTRON expert and his structured, methodical approach were very beneficial. We are currently implementing the CAD methodology with the support of DYTRON, and we see its potential and a real contribution to making design work more efficient.”

Provided solution: Methodology of work in CATIA, CATIA

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Marek Ctrnacty

CATIA V5 Team, VOLKE Mlada Boleslav spol. s r.o.

“Years ago, we were looking for a way to extend CATIA V5 features and automate recurring engineer activities. We opted for automation using macros and we selected DYTRON as a supplier. This choice has proven to be a great solution. We especially value more than a decade of successful history, a highly cooperative partner and programmer. There’s nothing better than a high quality and lasting partnership.”

Provided solution: macro, CATIA

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Bohumil Lapka

Product Development Manager, KIEKERT-CS, s.r.o.

“We’ve been working with DYTRON s.r.o. for many years. They provide us with comprehensive training for design engineers from the development department. Our newly arrived employees undergo this training and gain thorough understanding of the CATIA V5 software functionality. Every training session is always accompanied by practical demonstrations that open the door to reality even better. Finally, I must mention the patience of the trainers and also the crucial fact that they know what they’re talking about.

Provided solution: training, CATIA

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